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The Raleigh Spine Clinic

Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher would like to personally welcome you to our award winning Raleigh practice. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and offer the most advanced treatments in North Carolina. We have helped thousands of patients that suffer from Text Neck, Poor Posture, Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraine Headaches, TMJ, Lower Back Pain, Herniated or Bulging Discs, Sciatica, Sports injuries, and Automobile Accidents. The Raleigh Spine Clinic is a family practice caring for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. We also treat elite athletes such as Olympic Gymnasts, Professional Football players, Professional Basketball players, and have served as a team doctor for local sports teams.


Raleigh Spine Clinics Awards

2016 Yelp Award Recipient- "Patients Love Us On Yelp"

2016 Voted Best Chiropractor in Raleigh by ThreeBestRated

2016 Winner of Excellence in Patient Satisfaction by Talk of the Town

2016 Top Doctor Award in the Country

2015 Voted Best Chiropractor in Raleigh by ThreeBestRated

2015 Best Chiropractor in Wake County by Wake Living Magazine

2015 Winner of Excellence in Patient Satisfaction by Talk of the Town 

2015 Top Chiropractors Award by Charlotte Magazine

2014 Best of the Triangle by Triangle Downtowner Magazine

2014 Winner of Excellence in Patient Satisfaction by Talk of the Town

2013 Winner of Excellence in Patient Satisfaction by Talk of the Town


Mark K. says, "The Raleigh Spine Clinic helped me avoid surgery and now my tennis game is better then ever!" (Read More Patient Reviews!)


The Raleigh Spine Clinic is the premier office in Raleigh, NorthCarolina, offering an outstanding patient experience. We are incredibly proud to provide our patients with a wide array of services all under one roof. We offer Spinal Decompression Therapy that is designed for patients with Herniated or Bulging Discs, Stenosis, Sciatica, and shooting pain in the arms or legs. Spinal Decompression Therapy is extremely effective and has kept thousands of patients off the operating table.


We offer many different Chiropractic techniques such as the Pro-Adjuster (Watch this video) that has eliminated the need for "twisting and cracking." Our patients thrive with One-on-One Exercise Rehab programs, designed to strengthen and stabilize weakened areas. HydroMassage, the newest service added to our clinic, allows patients to receive the benefit of a one-hour massage, fully clothed in only 15 minutes. We are the exclusive ChiroThin Weightloss provider in Raleigh.  This Doctor supervised program allows our patients to lose 20-40 lbs in 6 weeks without having to buy shakes or prepared foods. 

The Raleigh Spine Clinic has seen just about every type of condition and will only accept patients we know we can help. We regularly order X-rays and MRI's and work closely with local Orthopedists and Neurosurgeons. If we find that you are not a candidate for our office we will find the correct specialists for you.  


 Judy E. says, "The doctor is wonderful and has helped me get rid of my daily headaches." (Read More Patient Reviews!)


Our team of professionals have helped thousands of patients live more vibrant lives, and avoid serious spinal surgeries. It is our passion to get our patients out of pain and live the life they were meant too! We pride ourselves on providing individually, customized treatment programs while offering some of the most affordable payment options for available.


We are here to help and offer Same Day Appointments! You can reach us at 919-847-3959 or email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Google Reviews

Carol Mangone reviewed:


I can't say enough positive things about the Raleigh Spine Clinic. Due to a knee injury it was very painful to walk. A friend suggested I try the clinic. On my first visit it was obvious I was in a very professional and state of the art facility. The staff made me feel very comfortable and positive. The Doctor's are extremely knowledgeable and explains the every step of the treatment process. The encouragement received during the physical therapy was outstanding. It wasn't long before I was walking and felt more energetic and balanced. I highly recommend it for anyone.


Brad H reviewed:

At first when I heard of chiropractic care I always had a very man like mentality about it. Now that I have visited frequently for over a year now to Raleigh Spine Clinic I have seen improvements in my posture which has equated to less stress. The few times I have been sick this year I got adjusted and it did the trick. A great facility with a staff that makes the visit all the better even when im not feeling the best.


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Dr. Werness and Dr. Roistacher have been my chiropractors for the past 10 years. When I first went to see them for my herniated disc I had no idea they would be able to help me with my migraines and carpal tunnel. I was very skeptical on my first visit but the office made me feel so at ease.

Judy K.

Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness are some of the most knowledgeable Chiropractic/medical professionals in the alternative health care field today. Their cutting edge technologies and expertise in nutritional sciences, exercise physiology and wellness makes Dr. Roistacher, Dr. Werness and the friendly staff leaders in health care.

Tony A.

Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness are an excellent chiropractors and the staff is very friendly. The office has a professional atmosphere and very upscale. I was referred to Dr. Roistacher from my family doctor. I have a herniated disc that the neuro surgeon said I need surgery for. I have heard the horror stories from several friends and I wanted to try something else before surgery. I spoke to my family doctor who recommended I try a chiropractor. I was looking for a chiropractor when I found Raleigh Spine Clinic. They offer chiropractic, physcial therapy, and massage all under one roof. The care has been some of the best I have ever received and I am no longer in need of surgery. Thank you Dr. Roistacher and his amazing staff!

Mark K.

Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness solved my neck pain that I had for 9 months from doing dumbbell shrugs in the gym. My fingers would tingle when I slept on my left side. He really helped me out and developed a clear, concise treatment plan that works perfectly with my busy life. Thanks Drs!

Rich M.

Dr. Werness and Dr. Roistacher make a fantastic team. The experience I had at their office was truly educational, fun, and I felt fantastic when I left! I have gone to chiropractors before - quite a few, actually. Rarely because there is anything specifically "wrong" or because I am injured - although both are good reasons, but often times just to get realigned - or straightened out. This place is different. While Dr. Wereness and Dr. Roistacher are a doctor of Chiropractic medicine, they have a much more well-rounded, holistic, wellness approach. This is not about straightening out a back - it is a place to learn and practice what will make you better - whether it is the exercises that David the Rehab Specialist shows you (and does with you!) that will help or an analysis of my posture that showed how I was sitting and standing was affecting my neck and back and head - I felt both better physically and mentally leaving their wellness center. The environment is warm, friendly, fun and interactive - I got to pick my music to do my exercises! What else was really neat was the fact that while I was in there, I got to meet a professional athlete, a local MD and a mom with her kid who was getting rehabbed from an injury. Everyone was engaged and enjoying the atmosphere and learning. I can't say enough good things about this place!! I look forward to my next visit and tracking my progress. the physical, mental and emotional wellness that they have created in this beautiful office in Raleigh should be experienced by everyone. They will make the world a better place - at least the Raleigh area for sure! Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness- I'll see you soon! I cannot thank you enough.

Millie M.

Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness provide some of the best all around care I have ever received! The fact that they combine chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage under one office is fantastic! I was traveling to 5 different appointments per week prior to coming to Raleigh Spine Clinic. My last chiropractor seemed to offer outdated care. Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werenss use the most modern techniques. I really have felt the best I have in years and I would recommend Dr. Roistacner, Dr. Werness and the rest of the staff. The office is super friendly, always offers bottled water or tea, and the rehab room seems like one big party. I have never been to a doctor's office where everyone seems so happy.

Sara G.

I am a professional basketball player who needed a lot of physical attention due to a surgery that I had and the rigors of a long career. After working with Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness, I started my season feeling like a new man. That is only about 20% of the reason why I give them an excellent review...They are much better people than they are Chiropractor and Physical Therapist. That is saying a lot because they both do exemplary work. I found their office to be very warm and welcoming. I honestly looked forward to coming and seeing them on the days of my appointments. They are compassionate people who take their jobs seriously and it's very obvious that they care about the people whom they are helping. I am truly blessed to have met them and their practice.

Rasheed W.

I have been going to Raleigh Spine Clinic for the last 2 months. I was very skeptical about the process, the cost, the benefits, etc. After going through a free health evaluation and gaining a better understanding of what my issues were and how they could effect me in the long term. I have gone through rehab, strength training, core work outs, adjustments, etc and can really feel a see a difference in my posture, energy, motivation, and pain. I highly recommend Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness for everyone including people who are thinking they are fine and do not have any problems whatsoever!

Bo H.

Great location, staff and office. This office makes you feel warm and invited. The free health evaluation will let you know exactly what you should focus on instead of focusing on every aspect of your body and getting nowhere. Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness make a great team and you will LOVE your experience.

Ginger V.

Our Daddy is the best doctor in the whole world! Not only does he help his patients and makes them healthy but he really cares about them. Not only is our Daddy the best Chiropractor but we love when he adjusts us every week and how great we feel!

Aidan and Ava Roistacher

My experience with Raleigh Spine Clinic was simply the best experience I have ever had with any doctor. Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness make a winning team as they both treat all of their patients. What I like is that they do things differently from each other and it feels like each time I see one of them I learn something new.

My problem was that I have been suffering with severe pain in my neck for years. I have electric shock shooting down both arms every time I turn my head. I was suffering with daily headaches and could not find a comfortable position to sleep in. My wife had enough of my complaining and after days of research online made an appointment for me.

I really didn't know what to expect and after seeing a host of other doctors was not really optimistic that Raleigh Spine Clinic would have any new answers. Boy, was I WRONG!! They are not your traditional give medications for everything that ails you type of doctors. First, they actually listened to me, asked great questions, and performed the best examination that I have ever had. They educated me through the process and made some simple suggestions to help me right away.

They were very concerned about my electric shock type pain and ordered an MRI. They explained to me how most MRI's are performed laying down and how that is not the best way to evaluate the spine. They sent me to Triangle Orthopedics in Durham because they are the only facility to offer Upright MRI's.

Well the MRI showed me exactly what was wrong! I have 3 herniated discs in my neck. The fact that my MD kept writing prescriptions and never ordered an MRI made me trust these doctors even more. I started with the NDS Method and it was simply amazing! In the first 1-2 weeks my pain already was dropping. I am at the end of my treatments and now 3 months into this I'm 90% better.

My advice is to stop taking medication after medication as there is NO WAY this can fix a herniated disc. If you think about it what can a pill do for a physical type of problem? If you are hurting and want a solution call Raleigh Spine Clinic!

Steven R.

My job requires me to sit at a desk for 40 plus hours per week. Then I go home and do another 40 plus hours working at home. My job keeps me so busy and I have to travel each month all over the country. I ended up suffering from horrible neck pain with numbness into both of my hands. I was having daily headaches and was just miserable. I tried the pain killers, muscle relaxers, and steriods. I also did 3 rounds of spinal injections but it did not help my pain. My wife found out about Raleigh Spine Clinic and made an appointment for me. I thought I was being forced to see a chiropractor but when I arrived for my appointment it was CLEAR that this was like no office I have ever been to.

I was provided an invaluable education about my problem. The MRI's I brought from home were explained to me and I was able to see what my problem was. It was liberating to be able to know what my problem was. Dr. Roistacher provided a written outline of what I would need, how much it would cost, how much my insurance would provide, and really good payment options to pay for my care. I thought that I spend thousands of dollars on things that did not work.

I am 100% better!!! The doctors addressed my home and office workstations as it turned out these were big factors in my problem. They address how I slept, worked with me one-on-one with their physical therapy department. I am totally sold on the work that this office does. If you are suffering do not think twice about it!!

Joseph W.

I have to admit that I thought nothing was going to help me. I have heard horror stories from all my friends that have had spinal surgery. It seems that everyone I know that had surgery is worse then they were before.

I learned of Raleigh Spine Clinic from my doctor. I was a little surprised that my doctor felt this was a better way to go. Usually, my doctor likes to prescribe of send me out for tests. He said that he had a few patients that went through the NDS treatments and found the results to be really promising.

Dr. Roistacher and Dr. Werness are 2 of the most knowledgable doctors I have met from any speciality. They are clearly experts in dealing with these issues. My pain is almost completely gone and minus a few stiff mornings when I overdo things I feel better then I have in 35 years. Give this office a shot as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Gerry K.

I have been a patient of Raleigh Spine Clinic for the past few months. The doctors ordered an MRI of my lower back and it revealed the source of my pain. I had arthritis and stenosis in my back. I tried medications, injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic but nothing took my pain away. I was told I needed surgery but my heart doctor said I should not have surgery due to the risks to my health.

The doctors at Raleigh Spine Clinic explained my problem and actually showed me my MRI's. I could not believe that I felt like I could read an MRI after they showed me. They also printed a copy of my MRI on paper and allowed me to make notes so I could show my husband.

I am 90% better and my pain is basically gone! It's amazing how NDS helped me where everything else seemed to fail. I would highly recommend this office and these doctors.

Mary K.

Raleigh Spine Clinic is the place for me. My neck was killing me from a very minor car accident. It was terrible, but nobody believed me. I was having trouble sleeping and was irritable all day at work (and home!). saw Dr. Jeff on FB and decided to go see him. He found the problem in my neck and got me back to normal after a few weeks of treatments. The office staff is great and the decor is beautiful. Highly recommend this office! Thanks Dr. Jeff.

Sallie M.