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Have you noticed that your neck is hurting when you look down? You may have text neck in Raleigh!

Forward Head Posture (Text Neck) Has Reached Epidemic Proportions in Raleigh NC!

How we can help in Raleigh

Do you remember back in elementary school how your teacher told you to sit up straight? Do you recall your parents constantly nagging you too? Well, your teachers and your parents were RIGHT! Poor posture is one of the leading indicators of how your body will breakdown over time. We are currently facing a new epidemic in this Triangle due to cell phones, video games, computers, and jobs that require long hours of sitting. The epidemic is Forward Head Posture (FHP).

What can you do if you are suffering from FHP? Do you force yourself to sit up straight? Do you ask your family doctor? Do you Google how to improve your posture? The reality is FHP is a major issue that takes years to develop. The fact is Chiropractors are the ONLY specialist that are trained to address it. The problem is that your medical doctor/medical specialist is not experienced on how to correct this devastating issue. They are trained to perform surgery on body parts that have worn out due to posture or prescribe pain killers and muscle relaxers.

I have a secret. Over 95% of chiropractors know how to determine poor posture but less then 5% know how to correct it. Our office has been designed to address postural issues and most importantly correct them! We utilize the most advanced methods of chiropractic adjustments, specific one-on-one postural rehab, postural correcting massage, and a complete ergonomic review of our patients work and home office workstations. Our doctor has developed an Ergonomic Posture Package of products to help this as well. Here is a fact to think about, we spend over 1/3 of our life doing this… Sleep! Did you know most postural defects are exacerbated by the type of pillow you have? Our office carries the most advanced posture correcting devices for your home and office. We correct your posture by addressing sleep, work, home life, and the amazing work we do in the office.

Are you interested in the most advanced Postural Evaluation? Where a full report will be emailed to you in seconds? We offer a FREE computerized postural evaluation at Raleigh Spine Clinic. Our Doctor of Chiropractic in Raleigh, NC is ready to help!


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