Chiropractic Testimonials

"I took my 15 year old son for back pain due to a sports injury. We were greeted as soon as we walked in the door! The office is very calming and very beautiful. I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and Heidi. They treated my son with kindness and patience and were very reassuring. We were very concerned before we went because of the possibility of his injury being severe. We were reassured and very confident in the care he received. Things were explained very clearly and in layman’s terms so we didn’t have to google anything! I highly recommend these guys! Such amazing people! Love them!"

- Renee A.

"Dr. Jeff, Heidi and Casey are incredible! Dr. Jeff took the time to identify my individual needs and customize a treatment plan to meet them. Everyone is so incredibly helpful and friendly... I truly look forward to my appointments! Best part is my "chronic" pain has not returned in months! I am so happy I found the Raleigh Spine Clinic!!"

- Amanda S.

"Fantastic care and treatment. Both my husband and I have had treatment here and would highly recommend Raleigh Spine Clinic. Dr. Jeff and team are highly qualified and professional. When you want total body health you come see Dr. Jeff."

- Amy J.

"Caring doctor not just with his patients but with other colleagues. Now a days, you don't meet many other doctors at seminars who truly care. Many doctors are just abut business. Dr. Jeff is someone I admire as a colleague, not only for his clinical expertise but for his caring heart. Wish his practice was closer to mine so he could be my chiro more often!"

- Jennifer Hastings

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Roistacher and his staff. I have suffered from multiple spine and disc issues for the past 20 years and endured immobilizing pain and physical disability. Every single doctor I consulted recommended surgery and drugs to "fix" the problem. The moment Dr. Roistacher looked at my MRI he remained hopeful about my prognosis and my ability to have a full recovery, pain management and return to quality of life. I must admit that I was initially skeptical, but was willing to do ANYTHING to avoid surgery. I am glad I trusted Dr. Roistacher and his practice! Today I have NO pain and am able to care for my children, exercise and and live a life worth living! He and his staff have provided superior care through spinal decompression therapy and an individualized exercise program that has relieved pain, increased physical strength and (most importantly) a feeling of confidence and hope that I can successfully maintain my progress for the rest of my life. He and his staff are the most kind, ethical and knowledgeable professionals I have encountered throughout this painful journey. They provide state of the art treatments in a facility that is serene and pristine. Thank you Raliegh Spine Clinic for giving me my life back!"

- Shyla Ford Marchion

"Dr. Jeff and his staff are amazing. He really knows health care and the way he treats people is even better. I highly recommend Dr. Jeff of the Raleigh Spine Clinic."

- Brooks Carter

"Very caring and friendly!!!! Love going and feel so much better after each visit.."

- Wanda Roberts

"This is by far the best place i've ever been. The staff is fantastic from the moment you walk through the front door. Casey works hard to find the best schedule to fit your needs, Kelly takes great care to make sure you get all the treatments or exercises that you need, and Dr. Jeff is a soft spoken genius. From his methods to his manner, it's a great experience. I highly recommend."

- Matthew Johnson

"I've known Dr Jeff for several years. He provides the most up to date techniques in providing the best care to patients. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a chiropractor in Raleigh."

- Russell Brokstein

"Love Dr. Roistacher and staff! I highly recommend them to everyone seeking chiropractic care!"

- Heather Bowen Grantlin

"Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher and his staff have provided me with warm friendly care since the first time I entered their building. After being in pain for over a year, ( including numbing and tingling ) I finally decided to seek help. I searched google to find an office near me because we were new to the area. Raleigh Spine Clinic came up and they were able to get me right in. I feel blessed that google found them for me. Dr. Jeffrey is very attentive and generally shows compassion for my pain. I see him show this same attentiveness and calming demeanor toward all his patients. He even worked with me through treatment while I was in recovery from a hysterectomy. I feel like I have value and that they really care about my healing process. Dr. Jeffrey has walked me through every step of my process and his staff is top notch. If you are looking for a Chiropractor who listens and offers true advise, then Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher's office is the perfect place for you. Thank you to everyone who is a part of his caring and professional staff."

- Tammy Parrish Reinert

"I remember when I got into my car accident the staff was so nice just so pleasant and the treatment was really excellent here now it's been a little over a year and everything is great this is the place to go Raleigh spine Clinic a shout out to Heidi lol!"

- Fanchon Patterson

"Highly recommend. Best chiropractor in the area. Dr. Jeff, his family, and staff are all great."

- Tamara Kulik Smarch

"I've been a patient of Dr. Jeff's for five years. He is the BEST doctor I've ever had. He truly cares about his patients overall health and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I was in acute back pain and he not only fit me into his hectic schedule but took time after hours and weekends to check up on me and continue my necessary treatments! He is a remarkable physician and treats the source of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. I'm so thankful for Dr. Jeff! Thanks to him I'm on the mend!"

- Christina Cron

"I am so Thankful that I am a client of this wonderful Team! Dr. Roistacher and his extraordinarily genuine and caring staff Casey, Tabitha,, and now there has been a new Team player added. Joey. I have never been treated or cared for so completely when I step into. That office You are not just treated as a client but as a patient who has come to be treated and trusting you will receive the care from a professional Establishment that's going to assure that you will receive more than You came for! The staff and Wonderful Dr. Roistacher Want to see you improve . you are not just a number you are a patient who has placed your trust in them and they refuse. To allow you to fail. I said it before people. I will say it again. Man, woman. Even your children if you want to feel better if you want to miraculously watch your body mend.... This is where want to be! Raleigh Spine Clinic 8450 Falls of Reuse Road Raleigh NC 27615! 919-847-3959. Best phone number you could ever dial for your own self improvement! Happy Holidays! Be Blessed!"

- Monique Goode

"Dr. Roistacher is great!!! He's very thorough and you can tell he truly cares about his patients. The other staff at the office is great as always. Always friendly and smiling when you walk in. If you are looking for a great chiropractor this Retired Raleigh Firefighter approves."

- Brad Stikeleather

"I was hesitant to visit a Chiropractor to help with my sciatica. I heard some pretty bad things but after a surgery and multiple injection shots, I decided to give it a shot. No pun intended. So far so good. They have an amazing staff and are totally flexible when it comes to rearranging appointments. Highly recommend."

- Tom Troop

"Great staff, great decor, great doctors, great results!! Dr. Jeff & Dr. Chris helped me get my life back. My posture had become compromised from doing things all neck had lost a ton of range, my shoulders felt like bricks and the headaches were too frequent. All that has changed for the best...thanks Raleigh Spine Clinic!!"

- Sallie Malcolm

"I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Roistacher going on 15 years now and I can state with confidence that when a patient enters his office for care they will get one of the best doctors in the field of chiropractic."

- Douglas Neiverth

"This office is like the Taj Mahal of Chiropractic...absolutely offices...GORGEOUS!!!.. and yet the staff is so friendly and caring...highly recommend Drs. Roistacher and Werness..first class!!"

- Richard Mugavero

"Could not say enough about this office and their staff..I never thought the pain would go away in my back after I had my son, but it did! Thanks to Dr.Jeff and are fantastic with my son as well making it easier to come with him!"

- Nicole Hamel Tetreault


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